…and we continue…

Another episode continues the story from the first page…

Twinkle flitted from her tiny desk to the mantle above the fireplace, shivering from the cold that permeated the room. Professor Greenman’s guest that day was the source of the cold, a chill that emanated in waves as he moved around the cottage.

Father Winter finally stopped pacing and sat down, facing the Professor. “It’s bad, really bad. More and more, the climate¬†defeats every move i make. I set a frost, the next morning the day turns out to be warm and balmy. I plan for snow, and it turns into a warm shower. I just can’t get the season to change properly. Is there anything that you can do to help me?”

The ageless wizard sighed. “I wish i could. The problem is with the humans. Their factories keep dumping tons of pollutants into the air, causing Global Warming. All I can suggest is for you to redouble your efforts.”

“But if I do that, it increases the chances for severe weather patterns. Storms, tornados, mudslides — I don’t want to be responsible for things like that.”

“That may be just what the humans need — they know what they do is causing problems, so maybe some real problems will shake them up and get them to work at trying to reduce the factory output.”

“Well…perhaps. I guess a few localized storms wouldn’t be too bad…”

With that, Father Winter stood and bade the Professor goodbye. When he had gone, Twinkle flitted from the room, in search of Kwiplick to shovel the snow from inside the cottage…